PRESS: TolumiDE feature on SoulTracks.com

First Listen: TolumiDE celebrates Summer Love with “Your Arms” https://www.soultracks.com/first-listen-tolumide-arms

(August 30, 2019) Toronto-born and Lagos, Nigeria-raised singer TolumiDE (pronounced toe-lu-mee-day) moved back to Canada at the age of 18 and became immersed in all forms of the creative arts while studying Fine Art at York University and singing with an all female reggae band.

Shortly after moving to the United States to pursue a career in graphic design, TolumiDE solo performances began to bubble at open mics, festivals and weddings. She quickly garnered a following for her sweet vocal presence and intimate songwriting. She compliments soul music with a fusion of her Nigerian heritage and explores themes of life, love, laughter and inspiration with mainly English lyrics and a touch of African spice in form of rhythm and native Yorùbá language.

TolumiDE won awards for her debut EP Specialty, and now she is readying her November sophomore album, Suya Soul –  a phrase she coined to describe her endeavor to compliment soul music with her African heritage using bilingual lyrics and dynamic rhythmsThe disc features an enticing blend of cultures and sounds, really bringing a fresh change to listeners around the world.

In our latest SoulTracks First Listen, we’re featuring the ode to summer love, “Your Arms.” Featuring African rhythms and TolumiDE’s fun vocals, it is making us grin from ear to ear – even moreso, with the bright, colorful music video that accompanies the song.

Check out “Your Arms” below, and welcome TolumiDE to SoulTracks!