Award winning Artist and globetrotter TolumiDE takes audiences away to a tropical oasis filled with Sweet Soulful vocals, warm lyrics and groovy contemporary African rhythm. She’s a Nigerian-Canadian soul afro-pop singer-songwriter offering bilingual albums that captivate listeners across the world. 

Born in Toronto, raised in Lagos and currently in Washington DC, TolumiDE (pronounced Toelu-mee-day) exudes great lyric finesse, eclectic style, dynamic performance energy sharing music she describes as “Suya Soul’ with solo artist with rhythmic dance moves and fun audience.

Basking on press praises for ‘My Love’ album, recent release Mama Sunshine,” sheds light unto brighter days when obstacles comes our way and explores themes of love, self assurance, overcoming challenges and nostalgic memories. Influenced by R&B Soul Gospel, Jazz and Reggae, TolumiDE performance repertoire spans opening for Les Nubians, Toby Foyeh and Orchestra Africa to headlining at Legendary Blues Alley and performing at international fairs as Cherry Blossom Festival, FestAfrica, MusikFest, 202 Creates, Visual Collaborative. 

Early beginnings of her music career began after TolumiDE moved to back to Canada from Nigeria after complete Secondary School studies at the age of 18. She became immersed in all forms of the creative arts while studying Fine Art at York University and singing with an all female reggae band. Shortly after moving to the United States to pursue a career in graphic design, TolumiDE solo performances began to bubble at open mics, festivals and weddings. She quickly garnered a following for her sweet vocal presence and intimate songwriting as a noted compliment to soul music with a fusion of her Nigerian heritage and explores themes of life, love, laughter and inspiration with mainly English lyrics and a touch of African spice in form of rhythm and native Yorùbá language.

Dedicated to music community enhancement and youth development, TolumiDE serves the Recording Academy as a voting Grammy Member and is ever ready  to grace all occasions with riveting vocals, great personality, vibrant culture and engaging audience interaction. She hopes to invigorate soul music with a fresh ethnic sound that enlightens listeners about contemporary African culture and brings sentimental grooves to old and youthful audiences.


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