PRESS: TolumiDE featured on SheLeadsAfrica

TOP 10 BEST BLACK GIRL MAGIC MOMENTS OF GETTING ‘WANDA’ IN FORMATION by ARABA SAPARA-GRANT https://sheleadsafrica.org/best-black-girl-magic-moments-wanda/

Event: Launch of WANDA, nonprofit by Tambra Raye Stevenson for organization education, empowering and advocating for women and girls of African decent to become leaders in the fields of nutrition, dietetics and agriculture.

TolumiDE is a talented Nigerian-Canadian singer and songwriter whose music spans the genres of R&B, Afropop and Soul. Having never met her nor listened her music, I was struck by Tolu’s earthy voice and quirky adlibs. A WANDA honoree herself, TolumiDE graced attendees with a new song called, “Mama Sunshine”.

While listening to the catchy song filled with themes of growth, resilience and renewal, I felt the song was a perfect way to begin a new chapter for many of the women standing in the room. WANDA has provided an opportunity to connect and build a community with a common purpose and that is something I am very thankful for.

TolumiDE had a song for these feelings as well, offering an encore with her song of thanks and praise, “My Love”. Be sure to check out the video on YouTube!