‘For Me’ New Image – Photo, Style & Classic Soul

Styled by Project Runways Season 3 contestant Johnathan Kayne, TolumiDE’s new campaign shots were orchestrated by International Public Relations firm, ICY Public Relations with lead photographer Melissa-Hart Cosper.

Following the rave reviews and positive response to her previous title track ‘My Love’ from her 2010 album release; ‘For me’ is produced by Erik “EZee” Dennis, Mark Baker & TolumiDE, guitar by John Bashengezi and mixed and mastered by Blaise Tangelo. ‘For Me’ is on the “My Love album and is available on iTunes and Amazon MP3. To listen to ‘For Me’, log on to www.TolumiDEmusic.com.

TolumiDE_Music_Studio_Photo_Melissa_Cosper_IMG_5259 TolumiDE_Music_Studio_Photo_Melissa_Cosper_IMG_5285 TolumiDE_Music_Studio_Photo_Melissa_Cosper_IMG_5293 TolumiDE_Music_Studio_Photo_Melissa_Cosper_IMG_5310 TolumiDE_Music_Studio_Photo_Melissa_Cosper_IMG_5326_2 TolumiDE_Music_Studio_Photo_Melissa_Cosper_IMG_5326 TolumiDE_Music_Studio_Photo_Melissa_Cosper_IMG_5339 TolumiDE_Music_Studio_Photo_Melissa_Cosper_IMG_5400 TolumiDE_Music_Studio_Photo_Melissa_Cosper_IMG_5430 TolumiDE_Music_Studio_Photo_Melissa_Cosper_IMG_5495 TolumiDE_Music_Studio_Photo_Melissa_Cosper_IMG_5504