Mama Sunshine


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TolumiDE “Mama Sunshine” album is a folk afro-pop album that is sure to captivate listeners across the globe. The title track “Mama Sunshine,” is a song about looking forward to brighter days when obstacles come our way. Songs featured are filled with themes of love, self assurance, overcoming challenges and nostalgic memories.

Listen to ‘Mama Sunshine’ music album by singer-songwriter TolumiDE! Sweet melodies, warm lyrics and spicy African rhythms guaranteed to make you groove and take you on a virtual journey to coastal paradise at beach resort with suya, warm sands, palm trees and tropical sea breeze.

“For this album I worked with prominent African artist musicians Toby Foyeh (Nigerian) who co-wrote Mama Sunshine and Jaja Basheghezi, who co-produced the album music.  Your Arms Funmilayo is an extended acoustic version produced with Grammy nominated James Mckinney and features Kevin Prince on percussion and Olamide Timothy on bass” says TolumiDE

Mama Sunshine is Golden! A highly raved masterpiece record that’s worth experiencing.

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Inspirational and Enlightening RnB & Afro-pop world music, showcased by Nigerian Singer & Songwriter translated through soulful, gospel and poetic sounds.

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