“International singer-songwriter TolumiDE is back on the music scene with a new single “Your Arms,” from her highly anticipated EP, Mama Sunshine.” –  Treasure Smith, Rolling Out 

“TolumiDE won awards for her debut EP Specialty, and now she is readying her November sophomore album, Suya Soul – a phrase she coined to describe her endeavor to compliment soul music with her African heritage using bilingual lyrics and dynamic rhythms. The disc features an enticing blend of cultures and sounds, really bringing a fresh change to listeners around the world.” – SoulTracks.com 

“While listening to the catchy song filled with themes of growth, resilience and renewal, I felt the song was a perfect way to begin a new chapter for many of the women standing in the room.”
– Araba Sapara-Grant, She Leads Africa

“As the title track (My Love) demonstrates, the album combines the vibrancy of African polyrhythm, explosive techno and TolumiDE’s fetching African accent with lyrics that uplift, empower and inspire while remaining grounded in the realities of modern life.”
– Bob Marovich, The Journal of Gospel

“Some artists craft their musical concoction with research, and study – others play the tune that’s rolling through their heads. Our latest feature however, Mrs. TolumiDE, has gathered her influence by immersing herself in it, traveling the globe to gather the ingredients in her unique Suya Soul sound, a contemporary fusion of Soul, Indie-pop, and African music” – Richie Frieman, Pens Eye View

“Big blend of Afro-pop, funky reggae, neo-soul and jazz… She’s able to take the musical DNA of Taio Cruz and the ease of Oleta Adams, while injecting more of her heritage using bilingual lyrics, into a friendlier foundation of melodic pop and R&B balladry. . .”
– J Matthew Cobb, HifiMagazine

“TolumiDE is most at home when she is referencing her African roots in the likes of “Ekabo” and “Because You Know” but she confidently pulls off some chart-worthy R&B in “What I’d Like To Be” that successfully marries some slick funk with honest spiritual lyrical content.”
– Lins Honeyman, Cross Rhythms

“Her style of music is for the global audience and appeals to the open-minded listener who enjoys soulful lyrics”
– Zen Magazine Africa

“After breaking away from the Canadian all-female reggae group, ‘Women Ah Run Tins’, TolumiDE decides to “make her connection with listeners more personal.”
– Abisola Abolarin, Genevieve Magazine

“Her voice is gentle in tone but firm to the chord, making this black female singer a delight to listen to. Uplifting and positive her music is sure to put you in a good mood.”
– All Black Woman

“TolumiDE is an incredibly talented recording artist with an African flair and inspirational musical styling that exudes finesse and an energy rarely seen in gospel music.”
– Andrea Williams, Tehillah Enterprises

Your Arms Review by Ashley Raymond – “Your Arms (Fun Mi Layo)” is a love song that gets listeners moving to the groove and fills us with joy. Her saccharine vocals coat the track as she serenades us about the feeling of a healthy love. More often than not, we tend to be blinded by the potential of our partner. The danger in this is we mistake our idea of our love for the person with true love. Nevertheless, this proves to be false for TolumiDE. “In your arms, I’m flying like a bird / In your arms, I’m safe and secure” and honestly, what more can you ask for when it comes to love? The production attests to the easiness of real love, in the sense of it flowing freely and without inhibition.

Real love is refreshing “When I wrote “Your Arms (Fun Mi Layo)” I was feeling so happy and grateful to be a relationship where I felt genuine love. Fun Mi Layo means “you give me joy” in Yorúbá and that’s the exact sentiment I wanted to share with this single. It’s the idea of fairytale love becoming an unbelievable reality.” – TolumiDE

Dedicate this song to your partner or let it play at your cookout this summer while the sun sets. TolumiDE provides us with an outlet for love, safety and positivity. She supplies us with a new summer chune perfect for initiating a sway in our hips and butterflies in our stomachs. Stay updated with TolumiDE on Twitter (@tolumide) and listen to “Your Arms (Fun Mi Layo)” below.