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Rich in Hair Flair

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“Naturally Me” is an anthem celebrating beauty and the wide array of hair styles used to accentuate individual style and personality. It’s a groovy song to listen to everyday or for a special occasion, celebrating your natural beauty. TolumiDE shares “I look forward to seeing listeners posting videos showcasing styles that make them feel beautiful. My hair (iru mi) braids are my visual identity, what’s yours? …” The lyrics “Everything you see is everything I chose to be” highlights the fact that we all have a wide range of choices to make for us feel good! “Iru Mi ” translates to my hair” in TolumiDE’s native Yoruba language and song features various braid styles, she recalls at hair salons during her school days in Lagos, Nigeria.

This music release features producer collaborations with Vershawn Thompson aka Mister Vershawn (Naturally Me) and Vincent Othieno (Naturally Me – Afropop Remix). TolumiDE’s lyrics and vocals are warm and expressive with a percussive tone. During the early days of quarantine, her acoustic album, “Mama Sunshine,” resonated with her audience for its nostalgic themes; these included the beauty of brighter days, themes of love, self-assurance and overcoming challenges. The follow up with “Throwback” gave an upbeat, groovy-dance feel with a Soulful Afropop flavor. “Naturally Me” sits right at the heart of TolumiDE’s Nigerian heritage and ‘Suya Soul’ genre blending flavour.

KEYWORDS: R&B, Soul, Urban Adult Contemporary (AC). Afropop

TolumiDE’s music has been described as “a big blend of Afro-pop, funky reggae, neo-soul and jazz injecting her African heritage using bilingual lyrics, into a friendlier foundation of melodic pop and R&B balladry.” Currently, she is a voting Grammy Member with the Recording Academy and Non-profit Afropolitan Youth who are the hosts of FestAfrica. Her accolades include winning the Best R&B Female Artist at the Nigerian Entertainment Awards, opening for Les Nubians at the Howard Theatre, opening for Salif Keita, singing with Toby Foyeh and Africa Orchestra at the Toronto Jazz Festival. In addition, she has had the opportunity to headline a show at the Legendary Blues Alley in Washington D.C. 

In spite of the success she’s experienced in her music career, TolumiDE is most inspired by her upbringing, cultural heritage and the loved ones who have supported her along the way. Through the golden moments reflected in her lyrics through which she wishes to “bring back those days…” she longs for her listeners to experience this feeling.

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