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TolumiDE (pronounced toe-lu-mee-day) shares songs of Love, Life & Laughter. Describing her music as “Suya Soul” her debut album, ‘My Love’ reflects the phrase as a sonic cross-cultural blend of Neo-Soul Jazz Inspiration and Afro-Pop World music with mainly English lyrics and a touch of African Spice in the form of language & rhythm.

Influenced by acts within R&B, Gospel and Classic Soul genres such as Anita Baker, Sade, Stevie Wonder, Winans, and Africa Pop stars as, Onyeka Owenu, Yvonne Chaka Chaka and Angélique Kidjo, TolumiDE has evolved as a Female Vocalist with audience grabbing performances, rave reviews and multiple awards making her mark within the world of Contemporary RnB.


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With so many challenges wrapped up in this era, one can bring light into the present moment simply by remembering. In Afro-pop/soul singer/songwriter TolumiDE’s “Throwback” single, she embraces the ‘good ole days’ with gratitude, cherishing memories to help lighten up the moment. After connecting online with mates from her secondary school days in Nigeria, she was inspired by a time with fewer cares, when she remembers “dancing in the sun.”. Throwback celebrates “Ayo” which as a name “Ayoola” translates to happiness, joy and wealth. In the context of “Throwback” richness is a form of cherished moments.


TolumiDE’s smooth vocals in “Beautiful” awakens the song with a soulful energy, synthesized bass and ethnic rhythm. She expresses the heartfelt characteristics of genuine friendship and love with English lyrics and the phrase “Ore Mi” which means ‘My friend” in Yoruba language. There’s a sense of joy and affirmation that makes it impossible not to sing along. Drawing inspiration from her personal experience, she shares “I wrote the song feeling really grateful for my friends”.


TolumiDE’s smooth vocals quietly open up the infectious love song. Backed by a bubbly, Afro-infused pop beat, she sings about the awakening feeling of finding love and accepting its pleasures and securities. There’s this sense of easy love that makes it impossible not to smile and dance along.


For this acoustic ep album, TolumiDE worked African artists. Jaja Basheghezi, co-produced music and Toby Foyeh, who co-wrote the title track. listeners’ journey starts with “Mama Sunshine,” a song about the warmth and sunshine that mothers bring to all of our lives, then moves through four more tracks filled with themes of self assurance, overcoming challenges, and love with an extended version of Your Arms produced by James Mckinney, featuring Kevin Prince on percussion and Olamide Timothy on bass, She chose these specific songs because she wanted to feature them in a more intimate setting, giving listeners a chance to hear them in a completely raw and organic format before they move into further professional production.


As one reviewer put it “It’s a big blend of Afro-pop, funky reggae, neo-soul and jazz… injecting more of her heritage using bilingual lyrics, into a friendlier foundation of melodic pop and R&B balladry”. In short if you’re a fan of legendary singer songwriters India Arie, Sade, Mary Mary and others like them, TolumiDE music is a must have for your collection.

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