Mama Sunshine – Acoustic EP

Mama Sunshine  – Acoustic [EP] Purchase here For this EP, TolumiDE enlisted the help of two talented African artists. Jaja Basheghezi, who played guitar and produced the music, and Toby Foyeh, who co-wrote the title track. The listeners’ journey starts with “Mama Sunshine,” a song about the warmth and sunshine that mothers bring to…read more

Your Arms – Music Video

Nigerian R&B artist TolumiDE (toe-lu-mee-day) releases a tropical new music video for her Afro-soul hit “Your Arms (Fun Mi Layo).” Nassau, Bahamas provides the perfect, colorful backdrop for the journey of love that the two main characters in the video embark on. The video follows this newly loved up couple as they dance their way…read more

Your Arms (Fun Mi Layo) – Out Now!

TolumiDE’s smooth vocals quietly open up the infectious love song. Backed by a bubbly, Afro-infused pop beat, she sings about the awakening feeling of finding love and accepting its pleasures and securities. There’s this sense of easy love that makes it impossible not to smile and dance along. “Your Arms” is the first glimpse of…read more

Live on Africa54

TolumiDE being interviewed by Esther Githui-Ewart on Voice of America – VOA Africa54…read more