Award winning Recording Artist TolumiDE exudes great lyric finesse, eclectic style, dynamic performance energy and incredibly rare talent as she compliments soul music with a fusion of Urban Pop and her African heritage. Born in Toronto, Canada, to Nigerian parents who migrated back after completing their graduate education. She was a member of a number of choirs and cultural dance groups at her primary school University of Lagos Staff School and secondary school, Atlantic Hall. Journeying to York University’s Fine Art Program for undergraduate studies and being immersed in the arts fully, she became part of an all female Reggae band called “Women Ah Run Tings”. The group, producing a collage of music with Dancehall, Roots, R&B, Rock and Hip Hop influences, caught the attention of many and ultimately became four time Canadian Reggae Award Nominees. After graduation and an offer to work as a Graphic Designer in the United States TolumiDE moved to Maryland and shortly after began to pursue her music career as a solo artist.

Known today as the African Soul songstress and dynamic entertainer, the Nigerian Canadian Singer Songwriter Artist explores themes of Life, Love, Laughter and Inspiration with mainly English lyrics and a touch of African Spice in form of native language and rhythm. TolumiDE describes her music as “Suya Soul” a phrase she coined herself to express the fusion of Contemporary R&B with African Pop music. For TolumiDE, using the term Suya, a popular Spicy Grilled Shish kebab indigenous to Nigeria symbolizes her adding her heritage and culture to the music. Influenced by acts within Soul and Gospel genres such as Sade, Stevie Wonder, Winans; and Africa Pop stars as, Onyeka Owenu and Christy Essien Igokwe, TolumiDE whose name translates as “Thank God” in Yorùbá, has evolved as a Female Vocalist with audience grabbing performances, rave reviews and multiple awards which include Best RnB female artist award at Nigeria Entertainment awards and a Most Gifted RnB nomination at the Channel O music video awards – South Africa.

TolumiDE has gained national and international recognition for her eclectic music style and performance at a number of events. Performance venue repertoire includes headlining at the Legendary Blues Alley and performing at many other prestigious locations such as Filmore, Strathmore, Cherry Blossom Festival, Artscape, African American Heritage Festival, FestAfrica, Toronto Jazz Festival. Performance options offered vary from her 7 piece music band to an acoustic trio/duo set option or a solo act performance with choreographed dance. TolumiDE also offers Traditional and Contemporary African Song and Dance workshops packages for event sessions, pre/post performance, festivals and educational programs.

Currently in production for her next studio album, TolumiDE continues to share her message of Love & Culture while expanding on the fusion of Urban Contemporary Soul, Inspiration and African music genres for old and new audiences.


‘My Love’ Album Available Now! Click HERE to view Music Lyrics and Liner Notes


“While listening to the catchy song filled with themes of growth, resilience and renewal, I felt the song was a perfect way to begin a new chapter for many of the women standing in the room.”
– Araba Sapara-Grant, She Leads Africa

“Big blend of Afro-pop, funky reggae, neo-soul and jazz… She’s able to take the musical DNA of Taio Cruz and the ease of Oleta Adams, while injecting more of her heritage using bilingual lyrics, into a friendlier foundation of melodic pop and R&B balladry. . .”
– J Matthew Cobb, HifiMagazine

“Her style of music is for the global audience and appeals to the open-minded listener who enjoys soulful lyrics”
– Zen Magazine Africa

“After breaking away from the Canadian all-female reggae group, ‘Women Ah Run Tins’, TolumiDE decides to “make her connection with listeners more personal.”
– Abisola Abolarin, Genevieve Magazine

“TolumiDE is most at home when she is referencing her African roots in the likes of “Ekabo” and “Because You Know” but she confidently pulls off some chart-worthy R&B in “What I’d Like To Be” that successfully marries some slick funk with honest spiritual lyrical content.”
– Lins Honeyman, Cross Rhythms

“Her voice is gentle in tone but firm to the chord, making this black female singer a delight to listen to. Uplifting and positive her music is sure to put you in a good mood.”
– All Black Woman

“TolumiDE is an incredibly talented recording artist with an African flair and inspirational musical styling that exudes finesse and an energy rarely seen in gospel music.”
– Andrea Williams, Tehillah Enterprises

“As the title track (My Love) demonstrates, the album combines the vibrancy of African polyrhythm, explosive techno and TolumiDE’s fetching African accent with lyrics that uplift, empower and inspire while remaining grounded in the realities of modern life.”
– Bob Marovich, The Black Gospel


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